Fatstrippa Grease interceptors
Fatstrippa Is More Than Just A Grease Trap,
It's The Catering Industry's Drainage Solution!
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Model Flow Rate Application A B C D E Inlet Out-Let
FS 70 0.7 Litres P/S 1 Domestic Sink 295 422 346 257 207 40mm 50mm
GRU 1 / FS100 1.0 Litres P/S 1 Commercial Sink 350 610 505 315 265 40mm 50mm
GRU 2 / FS115 1.15 Litres P/S 1-2 Commercial Sink & Dishwasher 350 710 505 315 265 40mm 50mm
GRU 3 / FS125 1.25 Litres P/S 2-3 Commercial Sink & Dishwasher 350 1000 505 315 265 40mm 50mm
GRU 4 / FS125 XL 2.0 Litres P/S 3-5 Commercial Sink & Dishwasher 350 1250 505 315 265 40mm 50mm
The Fatstrippa range is sized to handle peak flow rates of between 1 litre per second and 6.5 litres per second within the standard range, however we can supply any flow rate as a bespoke model if necessary.

The standard Fatstrippa range will suit any installation from a small delicatessen right through to a large hotel complex. Our design team can liaise with your drainage engineer or kitchen designer to incorporate Fatstrippa into your new development or kitchen.
The Fatstrippa comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate most applications. We also appreciate that in many cases the unit will be retrofitted into an existing kitchen.
Unique Patented Design
The Fatstrippa™ is an immiscible liquid separator, which operates underhydro static pressure and does not require any moving parts. This results in the Fatstrippa™ being the only system currently available with the capability to continuously and permanently remove Fats, Oils & Greases (FOG's) from waste effluent.
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