Fatstrippa Grease interceptors
Fatstrippa Is More Than Just A Grease Trap,
It's The Catering Industry's Drainage Solution!
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Fatstrippa™ is without doubt the most effective way of removing, fats, oils & greases at source from waste water, which would otherwise collect in drains, treatment plants & pump sets causing untold damage & expense, and is the ideal solution for new builds or where current systems are failing.

The Fatstrippa™ compared to existing or alternative products is non mechanical, operates without the aid of any costly chemicals or bio enzymes and will continuously remove up to 98% of all fats, oils and greases, from waste water. It will also filter out food particles. (the other main cause of blockages). Connects directly to sinks, dishwashers combi ovens & wok stations.


The Fatstrippa's secret is the patented valve. As fat’s oils & grease's which naturally float on water are guided into the water tight valve, the valve opens allowing the fats’ oils & greases be discharged into a container. The cleaned degreased water flows out to drain, which has been independantly tested by Northumbrian Water PLC at an amazing 18ppm the bench mark is 50 to 200ppm (See Link)

Fatstrippa's are manufactured in a wide range of sizes from small delis through to large food processing plants.

Who are we?
We're the original & still independent UK Fatstrippa Dealer. We offer a complete service from installation, custom design and maintenance. 
Clearflow Environmental Technologies are the original & still independent UK Fatstrippa Dealer
Building Regulations Part H
The Fatstrippa™ meets to the building regulations, which came into force on 1st April 2002 (H1 Drainage 2.21).
The Fatstrippa™ meets to the building regulations
Exceeding The Standards
Water companies are demanding results of between 50 –200 parts per million of Fat’s, Oils & Greases in each litre of waste.
Northumbrian Water who independently verified results of 18 parts per million after treatment by a Clearflow Fatstrippa™ system
Recycling Fats Oils & Grease
Protect your drainage system, by supporting your local sewage treatment plant and recycle your FOG into bio-fuels.
Recycling Fats Oils & Grease
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